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Siri Appears on the Running for Real Podcast with Tina Muir

Listen to Siri’s appearance on the Running for Real podcast with Tina Muir

“There is a power that accompanies sharing your struggles. As you share, you allow others to join you on your journey. When you let go of excuses and share your failures, you help others believe in their goals too. Having Siri Lindley on for today’s episode really inspired me, in words that I can not ever describe! She speaks on gratitude, grit, appreciation, and taking on the impossible. I love this quote she shared with me “make your purpose be other than yourself”, don’t keep people out of your story.”

You can listen on apple podcasts here

Or search for “Siri Lindley Running for Real” in your podcast player or in Google

You can learn more about Tina and the Running for Real podcast on her website

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