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Siri Appears on 303 Endurance Podcast

Siri recently appeared on the 303Endurance podcast. she shared some advice that she’s been using with her own coaching clients.

“We are catching up with Siri after 3 years to talk about some of the advice she’s sharing with her clients during this COVID experience. In this UCAN coaches panel a couple of months ago, Siri shared some advice on how to reframe this as an opportunity.  Siri has amazing courage and leadership. She’s really someone people feel like they can relate to and who she makes you feel relatable too. Through her athletic career, there were many challenges and battles, yet none would be as challenging as battle and ultimate victory over leukaemia. She is truly inspirational and wise.”

You can listen on apple podcasts here

or on the 303 website here

Or search for “303 Endurance Siri Lindley” in your podcast player

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