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The Siri & Bek Show: Preparing to Retire


the SIRI & BEK show is presented by Siri Lindley & Bek Keat

The dynamic partnership of Siri Lindley & Bek Keat share their inimitable enthusiasm for life in this episode as they discuss how important it is for athletes to truly examine who they really are beyond their sport as a way to find their path once they retire.  Leaving a sport as an athlete can be hard for many who have made the sport their life and so often they don’t have a clear idea of what they will do after they retire. These two world champions are happily enjoying their retirement and know first hand what it can feel like when your life as a triathlete is no longer driven by swim, bike, run.
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Welcome to the SIRI & BEK show.

[00:00:04] And I want to introduce my amazing wife Siri Lindley and what she’s been up to this week, apart from coaching lots and lots of athletes and picking up lots of horse poop and walking lots of animals dogs and cats. Yes our cat comes walking with us.

[00:00:21] She won’t let me brag about this but she’s been picked up by Keppler Speakers and is going to be touring all over the U.S. next year doing keynote speaking and keynote guest talks for Keppler Speakers so that’s really exciting. I’m very proud of her for that. So yeah that’s what we’ve been up to. Just more horses more dogs, and a little bit of Siri fitness.

[00:00:41] I want to introduce my amazing wife Rebekah Keat. And actually I think my greatest achievement in my life was snagging this one as my wife because I tell you what I feel really lucky.

[00:00:55] But Bek has been working on her adorable butt off making the team serious tri club number one in the country. And number three in the world and also really spearheading our Believe Ranch and Rescue; we have rescued 35 horses since January and it may sound like an easy job but it’s really not. And Bek has truly put together that effort. It has been incredibly rewarding and I still am but definitely hard emotionally. But we want to continue to do that. So back. I thank you for all your hard work. With that you have been absolutely amazing. Plus coaching all your athletes so you actually are wonder woman.

[00:01:41] And let’s take that in perspective for people because our horse rescue was started very recently earlier this year January but we really weren’t able to work out a way we could leverage our following. Thankfully Siri has a pretty good following on social media and we think we have athletes that love animals and love horses which is very we’re very lucky and fortunate and with being able to raise a lot more money than I guess and touch more lives than a lot of other rescues locally just because of that incredible gift that we have with our followers on social media. And there’s a link to all of you. Their love for animals. So yes we’ve been able to save 35. And for example Colorado House rescue another local rescue who’s been established for many years and has probably a lot more funding and get a lot more government grants here but grants from the county and stuff like that. They’ve probably only rescue I’d say three to six horses a year so we’re really proud of that and I think we’re very fortunate to have the following that we do and the support that we do from our awesome athletes is mostly made from our incredible awesome troopers that have really contributed to helping us being able to raise more money to save more lives so we thank you. Incredible.

[00:02:53] Yes we thank you so much guys and lifeblood for us. Yeah like anything when you take something on you. You need to have a plan you need a strategy. I mean even when you’re training and racing season you don’t just started training and not have a clue where you’re going to race or how you’re going to prepare or how you’re going to develop for us with our rescue. We have a plan. We have a strategy. We saved the horse we bring them in. We give them medical care. We give them love so they can understand that humans are good and we love them and take care of them and then we train them so that they learn the things that they need to learn and become adoptable so eventually they can be adopted out to their forever home. So just like anything you’ve got to have a plan you have to have a strategy. And one of the things that we’re here to talk about today which is maybe a little off topic of law but I was just talking about but is retirement retiring from the sport retiring from a certain job you’ve done your whole life and kind of the difficulties you face.

[00:03:59] And why I bring this in after talking about strategy is that it’s often a really important part of having retirement be an awesome experience when you actually have a strategy and you have a plan and you can envision an inspiring future for yourself. So first off that if you wouldn’t mind I know you retired just last year from the sport. Let’s share our experiences so we can help the listeners. Kind of navigating through their own way some really hard as a pro athlete.

[00:04:34] I mean I didn’t exercise signs science I was not interested in following through and getting a career and anything to do with exercise science other than my own personal gains or learning a little bit more about myself and my body and coaching my athletes. But I think people I don’t have a lot of pros fortunately like people like when Gwen Jorgensen I know I think she does she a lawyer or I think some – the Brownlee’s of doctors but most pro athletes don’t have that to fall back on.

[00:04:58] And the biggest fear I think for us even though I had great experience in the sport of ixi science background I didn’t know what was next and I think that’s a terrifying thought. As a pro athlete to think this is my destiny. This is all I know. I’m not retiring. Even when you start going down to a performance like I was in at the right time I sort of had to have a couple of great races coming up great would be out of the top five. And for other people it’s different. It’s all relative. But I think not knowing what’s next stops a lot of people and they just it becomes monotonous cycle of just training and training and breaking down and not having that I guess not knowing what the future holds. So I think a lot of pros get stuck in that vicious cycle of we’re just going to keep doing this sport because it’s all I know and it’s really sad. I started at 16 and all I knew was swim, bike, run, and you have to be very selfish. I know series mom even said believe it or not least selfish person or whatever have meant to his mom even said it was selfish as a protest. There’s no way she could have been world champion if she wasn’t. But I don’t there’s nobody out there that I know that gives career advice. And at school we had a career adviser. He was terrible.  I hope he’s not listening. And he asked what my likes were and my passions.

[00:06:13] And I think that’s a thing that you have to stop thinking like two or three years before you’re going to retire. What else am I passionate about. What else in life lets me out. What else would make me this hunger and for us as athletes. Sometimes it’s really a struggle.

[00:06:27] Are you kind of saying back that the only identity you knew for yourself was as a triathlete. Is that what you’re saying.

[00:06:37] Certainly yes. That’s all that’s all really I knew  and that’s all I was ever focused on. And you said we’re in it where you go to Floyd. Everything I focused on was swim, bike, run for 22 years so that’s all you know it’s terrifying. As my body said you’re done. And I wasn’t mentally ready. But I think if I was fortunately I had the the the ability to go to an event that you dragged me to UPW unleash the power within with Tony Robbins and I did not want to go and I’m not saying I wasn’t a fan. I just really didn’t feel like I was ready to retire and I thought I’m at a crossroad. I went to that event and I actually found myself and realize that triathlon isn’t my identity. My identity is someone who loves people loves family loves life loves the outdoors loves. Obviously saving animals and has a passion for good food and wine and coffee and all that stuff.

[00:07:27] So it wasn’t just about triathlon and let me tell you back that who I fell in love with. I didn’t fall in love with you because you trying to have my it let out. I fell in love with you for all those things that you discovered about yourself that you had refused to even acknowledge your love for animals your love for giving back your love for life and nature and the outdoors and you know coffee and wine and good food like I fell in love with you for all the things that I saw as your identity. But what’s funny is that when you are a pro athlete or even an age group athlete and triathlon becomes your life you forget about all those other parts of yourself that really are the things that make you as a person. So what was it exactly.

[00:08:18] Unleash the power within that that helped you to discover the parts of yourself that you’ve been kind of ignoring.

[00:08:26] Oh you go fairly deep actually on a personal level and I’ve really wasn’t a person that did a lot of self development and I really just was so focused on training that I’ve never really delved into that and I think it was more deciding what’s your why. Like everybody says I want to be rich I want to have money. I want financial freedom. It’s like why do you want that. And mom wasn’t because I want to buy nice cars or fly private planes. Not about that mine was because I want to bring my momma to Boulder and my sister one day build them a property and have a horse ranch where we rescue as many horses and dogs from dire circumstances and Death Row and euthanasia and cruel cruelty as possible and that’s really only the reason my big why was I really want to have I have a huge passion for animals and Siri says they saved her. She didn’t save them although all of our animals are rescues we have ten and I want to do something with animals I grew up on a farm. My love was for animals. I used to say us from drowning in water ice to save babies out of the pool even if they stung me. Siri drags Prairie dogs off the road. She continues to save – so our cat bring in a bird or a rabbit that’s like half alive. And I am like floods of tears, freaking out and adorable Bek will take this tiny bird. Are they still hanging around –  that Bunny. Oh my God. She’ll run she’ll get on the ground she’ll give it compressions… and then she’ll give them mouth to mouth and she literally brings the animals back to life. And I’m just standing there like  falling more and more in love with her because she’s saving it all.

[00:10:02] I’ll tell you the story. We have a little baby bonding and he was really he wasn’t very old. And then he bought him in and I just he starts screaming and I’m what. Oh no another animal. And I actually saw him take what I thought was his last breath because Vinnie had obviously had him around the neck. And I started doing the compressions on his chest and nothing was happening. And I’m like OK I don’t know if I can catch rabbit disease but I’m just problem. No there is like myxomatosis and also the things I’m thankful it’s not transmitted I don’t think there’s rabies like his body. I was so happy after some time when I caught it to rest can have rabies so I was a little freaked out about that.

[00:10:37] But at the time I never think about it. I was giving this rabbit mouth to mouth. I’m going back to life and I realize these little legs weren’t working and it was kind of yeah it was a little sad because I brought him into the animal rescue and they said that he was paralyzed and I was devastated. And I thought maybe I should have just let him go but I felt that at the time it was the right thing to do. So I would never change it. But now it’s happened with birds to have bluebirds say.

[00:11:01] But yes the animals saved him you gave him a peaceful finale. Rather than being eaten up and leaving by any yet which I likes to do he thinks it’s a gift. We don’t find it yet. Not really but so say you found your deep. Why now when you look back and I’m just asking you this because our stories are very different as far as retiring. But when you look back at your mission your your experience through triathlon did you have a deep why behind doing the sport besides the fact that that’s who you felt you were.

[00:11:39] I think my values were different. I think I valued and it sounds really selfish but ultimately it is just more of significance in a certain way behind everything that I did and I knew that I was certainly for swim, bike, run, I knew what I was doing it all I knew. And I think the significant thing came from just wanting to just win races and have that big significant and that because I was a twin with my sister I was bringing up. She hates me for it. But I was always playing second best and so we kind of had some upbringing with her sister.

[00:12:09] Her sister was always a straight-A student always a better hockey player a better everything. And I was the same with my sister. Although it was too good she was always better at everything higher grades go the boys were I didn’t want the boys anyway but I had high old boys in high classes always a champion I was always second best and I think it just added up.

[00:12:30] That gave me the drive to be who I was in this sport and even know where I’m going with this but the incredible answer that basically it is something that gave you a sense of importance.

[00:12:41] I was more I was looking for that and I never really thought which is sad. Now looking back home is where I think we can have a lot of athletes as yet really think about what you like seeing in a day like I knew Anyo was a good person that we gave back to support as much as I could more so than most people and I coach a lot of people for free will always give advice and always be had time for a. I want to ask questions I was never I had enough humility to be able to do that. Maybe not enough as I should have but a lot of pros won’t even get back like that thankfully champions like Jan Fordeno and ‘Rinny’ there are people that do get back like that. There’s a lot of top pros out there that forget that; yes they may remember you as a world champion but I’d rather be remembered as a good person with good values and someone who’s just willing to give their time and you know just be a normal human being said or putting themself on that pedestal and saying they’re too good to do that or they don’t have time or so I think I did start to recognize that thankfully because of Siri really. She said one day what do you want your legacy to be. I think if you’d have asked me that five years ago I would have said oh 8 hours 39 the second fastest in the world – back – then it’s only six now.

[00:13:46] I don’t want to be known for giving Chrissie the CO2, I want to be known as the second fastest female in the world.  And then that was me being significant again. This has all changed in the last couple of years. I was like No, I do want to be remembered as Bek Keat, she’s the one who could have lost her race yet gave Chrissie Wellington the CO2.  That is a real human being, that is someone who is giving.  So yeah it’s amazing how much I think unleash the power within and learning a lot from Tony Robbins and what you want to leave behind. It changes changes your perspective on life completely.

[00:14:17] What would you say that. What comes from that. The gift of that is when you’re giving more rather than being obsessed with your self. Do you feel there’s a lot more fulfillment in life.

[00:14:32] Yes we both know the answer to that for sure. And I think as an athlete this is not an excuse. You don’t have a lot of time to contribute as much as you’d like it to and you never think about giving as much as you would because you just so selfish being selfish and it’s a really easy thing so.

[00:14:48] So you athletes out there if you’re thinking about oh well maybe I should be giving more you know thinking about what my legacy is. It’s not like you have to go out and physically do a lot of work. It’s just if somebody comes up and congratulates you on a great race. You know shake their hand give him the time of day say thank you. Ask what their name is wish them luck on their journey. It means something so simple. It’s actually even just smiling back. And I think the ones that don’t do that. It’s not I don’t think it’s a conscious choice that they’re making. I just feel like they’re a little bit lost and they don’t understand this yet but just understand this like I know for me people don’t even remember that I was an athlete. And I won a lot of races. I was a world champion. People don’t remember the races you won. People don’t even remember a lot of Olympic medalist but they do remember how you made them feel. And remember that later on in life that’s what matters most. How did you make people feel. What lessons did they learn from you. And something I think about every day is if there were a group of kids that idolized me and they were standing around me every minute of every day how would I want to act in front of them. What kind of an example would I want to be.

[00:16:07] But for me I think the difference back you know when I when you retire it wasn’t a conscious decision to retire. And I know that you were ranked number two in the world and number one in the world and your Olympic team as a reserve which is completely political obviously but we won’t go into that and you should have I believe won the Olympic gold medal and I don’t know many who would bet on that bright spot. The country would definitely agree with me. He’s even told you so. So you know way there. There’s I guess some redemption now with your coaching attributes and how many amazing athletes you’ve coached to world titles but was it really a conscious decision to retire or was it something that you were ready for.

[00:16:49] I was so ready and to be honest you know when you talk about results and all of that and my mind doesn’t even go there because for me I was looking. It wasn’t about swim bike and run. For me triathlon was just this vehicle I decided to use to find out who I was and to take on something that scared the crap out of me take on something that seemed impossible. And for my for my own self go out there and give everything I had my heart and soul and blood sweat and tears and become as good as I could possibly be. So that finally I could not only appreciate myself but love myself because that was lacking. I felt terrified in my own skin. I didn’t love myself. I lived in fear and anxiety and throughout my journey through the sport I was finding my own coverage of my own strength and I was appreciating the work that I was putting everyday and I was appreciating the fact that I could be exhausted but still wake up and get out there and do it again. And I started respecting myself and when I achieve my ultimate dream which at first seemed like an impossible dream and I won the World Championship in 2001. I I was only six years up you know. Right. I started in 1993 so seven eight years eight years. But when I crossed the line I literally thought I found when I am looking what I’ve been looking for I have achieved something that I thought was impossible. And and I can retire today.

[00:18:34] But then my my mind starts you know telling me Well everyone’s going to just think you’re a fluke. Nobody is going to remember this. They’re going to think you know that was just a stroke of luck if you retire now. So hanging around one more year. I then decided to put another challenge on myself and I said I want to win as many races as I did this year. And I want to finish the year. And number one in the world and I put together two years like this so I can prove that I’m the real thing. But you are proving it to yourself. I think that you know I needed to know that it wasn’t that I didn’t just get lucky. And so when I was able to do that and I tell you what that was the hardest year ever because I was so ready to retire my body was ready to recover. I was breaking down.

[00:19:23] I was sleeping two hours and they should just give an example because Kousseri doesn’t just really quickly upgrade training with Bret because people have said I remember said I’m Iraqi miraculously want to build Jeb is like that’s B.S. It wasn’t a miraculous Lotame ship so let’s do it one day. Example of what you do with Bret because right now like I think Brits a soft and so personally. But there are other athletes of her. What used to get people like Sarah Troodon stuff but what’s your most one day one day in the last training with Brett. What was it like.

[00:19:51] Well I mean it’s what you had to do. So we we wake up in the morning we have to do a 30 minute jog. I could barely move. I mean I’d wake up every day and honestly I was stiff as a board and I thought how am I going to do this. But at the end of the day living it 2000 feet by the way guys. Yeah I said 30 minute jog and then we would good on this particular day say it’s a run day. I would go to the gym on the treadmills and I would do a session like 10 one kilometer repeats at 20 kilometers per hour and for maybe 20 kilometers seven miles 12 miles an hour. And I’m telling you though I don’t want to make it sound easy. I was dying. I was dying for every single one of them. And I had Annie Amerson who you all in the UK would know a phenomenal runner and we’d be doing a session together basically I would do a cave and she’d do well isn’t she. Yes. And she would go up by point one every single time so I’d have to go out by plane one but we would destroy ourselves so this was a huge session the whole session would take about an hour and 15 minutes at 20 hours and then we’d have to go to the pool and it would always be for us because we were great swimmers and we’d swim at least six K every session.

[00:21:07] And it was a lot out and I would say I can’t move I’m so exhausted and you’d say you’re not trying hard enough you’re not pushing hard enough.

[00:21:14] So every day with the light you’d ride to the pool get this right to the pool from the top of the hill which was like it 20 to 20 k climb from under him. What was a cool where we always end up to to place bit from the bottom – I can’t remember what it was called – and then then have to ride home after the pool so there’d be riding home an hour uphill to 2000 metres off and that’s when they’re seven you can run 21 past.

[00:21:40] So. Yes I mean I my body was breaking down I was shutting down. It wasn’t sleepin I was getting so skinny which would have been my dream. I was so excited to be getting lean and looked like an athlete but now it was like I couldn’t eat enough to keep weight on me because I was just exhausted but I was so ready to be done but I was on a mission because I had to prove to myself that this was for real that that confidence and that trust in myself that I had earned throughout my journey through the sport and by winning a World Championship that this was for real. This is who I am. I have everything I need inside of me to step into my future confidently and knowing that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. And thank God I was able to do that. And I worked my ass off and I nearly died doing it. But I tell you what it was so worth it. But when I retired in 2002 I was so ready. And I think the difference between us is that for me triathlon was a vehicle through which I found myself my why was was finding an appreciation for myself a trust in myself a courage a confidence and a love for myself. And that was my wife pushed me and got me out of bed and made me go be on anything I thought I was capable of. And I think for you back your greater deeper why came after retirement. Mine came before retirement.

[00:23:09] I’d say that that’s a big big difference and that’s why you were able to move quickly into coaching and have that passion for through coaching. And yeah I sort of was still trying to find myself when I wanted to do the sport.

[00:23:23] Well there’s a problem with that now. I feel like you are more passionate than you’ve ever been before and that thing is guys that when you retire from this sport again whether you’re a pro or an age group or you got injured and you can no longer give the sport the games sometimes even struggle more because it for them it’s their identity to animate.

[00:23:41] I’ve heard my guys have to have a wee cough because theyve hurt themselves and it’s like guys it’s one week of your life will come now. And they there they’re panicking.

[00:23:49] And how about in those moments or what you should all do right now is you listen just pull out a piece of paper pull out a pen and write down who are you ok not just met triathlete I swim bike and run but who are you. I love kids. I love animals. I love my husband. I love my wife. I love the outdoors. I’m grateful for the gifts in my life. I love to shop. Write down all the things about you. Who are you. Question mark – write that down on your piece of paper and I want to know who are you. You know what is your what is your vision for your life you know. Where are you right now in your life and where do you want to be and why do you want to be there one day. You know why. What will that bring you. What will that make you feel. What will that do for the people around you. And how do you plan on getting there. The quality of the questions you ask yourself are going to lead to that greater quality of the life that you live. So these are questions you should definitely ask yourself now whether you’re still racing or doing triathlon or not and if you’ve had to stop triathlon because of an injury it isn’t the end of the world. Sometimes it’s it ends up being the best thing that could have ever happened because it leads you into something new. Whether it’s this new career or a relationship that you have more time you know to to create more time to give to. But really think about what who are you as a human being and what are you looking to achieve in your life. What is your legacy.

[00:25:29] Yeah I think a lot about a lot of top athletes are reading a book but can’t think of his name but it was a lot of top athletes the ones that really stay at the top and get to the top and stay at the top that have driven the hunger that any one of the ones that have been through some sort of personal tragedy or have gone have to overcome some huge trauma. And often you won’t even be up you don’t even know know about and to read about it. But I think there’s a lot of athletes the gifted and talented they get there from that but I think to win a World Champion will be the best in the world a lot of them are going over personal struggles like you did as a child and like minded says Yeah I lost I lost a close friend in a biking accident saw him being killed in front of my eyes and I think that drives different to someone who’s maybe been abused as a child.

[00:26:17] I think that driving them is what creates the hunger for them to want to succeed and they just have that little extra bit of I don’t know what it is but I know Sanders Yeah heavy handed me I had it before but yeah so so think about the qualities that go into being as disciplined as you have to be in this sport or in any sport for that matter. Those qualities carry Kerry into every other part of your life. If you put that same effort that you put into the sport into their relationships imagine how amazing your relationships are going to be if you put that same energy into your job and match the things you can accomplish in your career. So everything that you are learning through the sport or every part of you that you are having to be the best you can be in this for are also those qualities that can make every other part of your life amazing.

[00:27:13] So remember that and don’t think that if you can’t do the sport anymore you’ve got nothing left. You have everything that you put into the sport still inside of you and you can transfer that into every other area of your life and literally create amazing things. It’s your choice. You have to come up with a vision. It has to be clear and you have to understand the why behind it and then go out there passionately and make it happen.

[00:27:38] And I want to add because we’ve got a new tattoo. And it’s very poignant actually when we talk about this and it is grace. And no it’s not our ex-girlfriend or a new girlfriend.

[00:27:49] And whatever you blame we say whether you believe in the universe or or God or I believe in everything but I’ve got a little book theory brought me and it’s called when God winks and it’s not about the Bible it’s about things that happened that you call I don’t call them coincidences anymore but most people call them a coincidence but it’s really an act of grace. And I want to really give an example of some amazing examples but that comes from being grateful and for being grateful for what you have now and the little things and and contributing and giving back and the more that I’ve found after retiring I never really didn’t give back at all as an athlete. I realized that now even though I probably gave back more than a lot of the pros and so many things have happened. And there is no way that any other thing than some act of grace because it’s it’s unbelievable. It’s honestly almost brings me to tears because so many things happen with a horse rescue when in our lives that have been I believe in because due to the universe working for us him as a Makhoul example.

[00:28:55] Let me put it to you this way guys if you decide every day to focus on what you have to focus on the abundance in your life you’re going to start seeing so many many miracles in your life every single day. But if you’re always focusing on what you lack or what you don’t have or where you’re not yet or things that you’ve lost you’re never going to see all the grace that surrounds you. So because you have to be open to it and you have to see it.

[00:29:31] I was very close to it and all that means is open your eyes and instead of focusing on what you don’t have focused on what you do have focus on the abundance all around you. And I guarantee you that you are going to start recognizing miracles and Grace things happening that just seem. Yeah they seem like coincidences but they change your life they lead you into someone you know the love of your life or they lead you to a new career opportunity. Open your eyes to all the beauty in your life all the beauty inside of you and all the abundance around you and watch your world change.

[00:30:07] I want to give an example of an eye about horses. Yes a case of Syrian eyes. You guys know we’ve saved 33 horses up until just a few days ago when we saved the last two. But I had to delete myself off the Facebook page of the Colorado Woods to call for a stable of horses because these little faces kept coming up and 09. Couldn’t say no to them she was on their first and then I got addicted to it and every time something came up I so my unit in Australia and I was just like what’s a hundred dollars I’m going to save another one and save another one and and a lot of the money spent was Pursell money which I love I would love nothing more than to save horses but a step to get to a point where we’re saving them for other rescues we weren’t 100 percent sure that we’re going to be out to be home. We couldn’t keep track of all of them so I was like okay right now I need to stop. And we need to wait till next year to be out there. You know we will eventually want to get more land and save up for that. So. What then on Thanksgiving I said to Siri I to do something really cool I think I really really really want to just want to save another horse on Thanksgiving but I’m going to do it by selling my bike. I just decide that it is time to sell the desertion so my time drop and you try to sell that by head any time she has no no luck.

[00:31:20] Yeah I was crazy I’d had it for sale – I’m going to sell my bike today because I’m going to save another horse and I got back on the Facebook page of Colorado resources where we saved him from the auctions and I just just popped up and his name was Barona out of like 600 horses I scrolled down and after about 30 and I saw this golden little ? and it looks so sweet and everyone said this guy’s been here for four weeks he’s an amazing horse going to be sent off to slog tomorrow and so I wrote to the girl on there and I said Who’s Butternut and has he be saved yet. No no I wrote to her and I said who needs saving. Is there a horse that can likely be reached home. That isn’t lame and because ideally you’d want outbreak when one of them has to be put down. And she said actually there’s one of the color code butternuts. And I couldn’t believe it that’s the one that I was looking at was like No way. And then gets better on my athlete Vanessa Kocan very close friend wrote to me and said bet there’s a horse on the feed lot right now and I stopped delay to myself off that page right now I can’t see any. And she said oh it’s named but or not I really want to save him. And I’m telling you this thousands of whores on that site like every day there’s new post like 30 or 40 channels like gosh that’s like the what I want to say to them.

[00:32:37] And then so we decide it but that’s it we’re going to save them and do it together and then we realize he’s best buddy with cider and cider was following him around. We had to save them both and I got a text message saying from awesome athlete Lisa Galloway saying I want to buy your bike literally within an hour and my bike was sold. And we say both those horses. Yes. It was a pretty amazing yes.

[00:32:56] So it’s like the universe will support you put enough passion and gratitude and desire and intention behind what you want in life and you’ll see that the universe God whatever you believe in will support you. But you got to put that amazing beautiful powerful energy in doing the in that area that will saying you don’t just sit there and say I’ve done everything I’ve read every book I’ve done everything. No you didn’t. You haven’t and put it into action that resourceful find out other ways of doing things if you’re not getting the result you’re looking for. There’s more that you need to do that you’re not doing yet. Figure out what that is. Get resourceful. It’s never that you’ve done everything. OK. You just have to find another way. So guys we’ve kept you here way too long. I hope that this podcast has helped you. We want to thank Chris Stafford and WiSP Sports. You guys are amazing. We are so grateful to have this platform to be able to hopefully touch some lives and give some great insights to inspire some people so we thank you so very much.

[00:34:03] So WiSP Sports Radio is the largest network of podcasts for women’s sport with more than 700 episodes, 30 shows and a global audience of one a half million and is available on all major podcasts players such as iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, Spotify and Google Play.

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[00:34:34] if you’d like to see more about our Believe Ranch and Rescue on Facebook and Instagram our web site is also www.believeranchandrescue.org and if you would like to donate which way we would be so incredibly grateful for you can go to believe Ranch Rescue website or Go Fund Me or Pay Pal which is BelieveRanchandRescue@gmail.com. Thank you for your support. Continue to be inspired. Live with passion, and be amazing. Thanks guys. Thank you.

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