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The ChampionMind™ Equine Experience

Experience transformative personal and leadership development at Believe Ranch and Rescue in picturesque Santa Ynez, CA. Our engaging corporate retreats are guided by Siri Lindley, expert equine-assisted leadership coach, world champion triathlete, #1 female triathlon coach globally, Acute Myeloid Leukemia survivor, author, Top 10 rated global speaker, Tony Robbins keynote speaker and esteemed Robbins Research faculty member. Drawing upon her extensive experience coaching world champions, Olympic athletes, and c-suite executives, Siri helps participants reinvent their leadership narratives.  Siri's wife, 6x Iron Distance Champion Rebekah Keat, who manages Believe Ranch and Rescue, also assists participants during the immersive experience.

Equine-assisted therapy, known for its profound emotional and psychological benefits, forms the cornerstone of our retreats. Horses, with their intuitive and nonjudgmental nature, stand as mirrors for participants. While engaging with these majestic animals, participants learn to communicate effectively, build trust, and establish boundaries—skills essential for effective leadership.

Crafted by Siri Lindley, the creator of the ChampionMind™ trainings, this life-changing experience integrates equine-assisted coaching and champion mindset strategies, enabling participants to conquer barriers, cultivate resilience, and access their inner strengths

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Siri and Bek expertly guide participants through dynamic exercises aimed at increasing self-reflection, goal-setting, and champion mindset.

With their expertise working with elite athletes and successful c-suite executives alongside the gentle presence of horses, individuals uncover invaluable insights into their thought patterns, behaviors, and limiting beliefs.  

This one-of-a-kind experience is life-changing in every way.  We can customize our different packages to meet your organizations needs.  Reach out today!