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From Failure to World Champion, Siri Lindley Bares Her Soul

In this article by Bill Camody he talks about how Siri inspired him to live legendary, and her interview on the She Warriors project.
I was in the car on a long multi-hour drive when I first discovered her. Siri Lindley’s podcast with Tony Robbins, now one of the most downloaded and listened to episodes, had me tearing up making it almost dangerous to drive. At one point, I had to pull over to compose myself. Siri Lindley was so raw and real. Here she was, a world champion, baring her soul. She was talking about her biggest fears, her embarrassing failures, and what it was like to have to keep quiet about being gay.
As a 2-time ITU World Champion, Siri was recently inducted to the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame. Rarely does a world champion so authentically share her soul. From her early failure in her first triathlon race to feeling pressure not to discuss her sexual orientation as a gay professional athlete, Siri Lindley pulled no punches as she shared her experiences and all the obstacles she had to overcome in order to become a world champion…
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